Top 4 Paid Survey Sites for Teens You Should Look Out

With the help of various online options making money has become easier for many people.

However, many sites that offer income options are not too friendly and open to teenagers and therefore teenagers often look out for some sites that can allow them to earn some pocket money that they can use for their education and weekend parties.

The trend of online surveys for money have been offering better options to many people across the internet and therefore many teens too want to be a part of this revolution where they can express their opinions and share their views and earn some income for it.

Here we take a quick look at some of the legitimate paid survey sites for teens that you can checkout to earn some side income.


If you are a teenager it is recommended that you look out for CashCrate that offers you a better option to earn decent income.

CashCrate allows users of 13 years old and above to fill up the daily market research surveys and make some income on it.

Hence, teens that are looking for easy money making options can try this site. As usual, the registration for the site is free and the site allows simple steps to get better surveys quickly.

CashCrate also allows users to make use of referral programs that can allow them to earn extra income when their referred friends fill up the daily surveys.

Teens can go for daily surveys that offer $0.80 per survey and that way teens have the option to earn $48 at the end of the month that they can use.

Teens can also make use of target surveys that offer better rates. Teens will also enjoy various games, shopping events and contests happening on the site.


Another online survey site that can offer you lot of option and cash incentives is SurveySavvy where teens can login and make use of the surveys that are provided.

If you are below 18 years of age this is also one of the best recommended sites that you should look out for.

The site is open to all people and therefore you can login even if you are not a resident of the United States.

The site offers better online surveys that can be filled up in 20 minutes or less than that and it helps because users can fill up more surveys in an hour or so.

The site also emails all the information related to the surveys and therefore it makes it easier for the teens to keep track of all the data.

Teens that have Facebook account can make use of their Facebook account to log in to the site and fill up the surveys.

MindField Online

If you are at least 15 years of age and above you can definitely make use of MindField Online survey site that can allow you to earn decent income.

The good thing about this site is that they only offer cash incentives and therefore you don’t have to redeem your points for any rewards and prizes.

The site is free to join and the surveys are simple market research based surveys.

The site do not offer any sweepstakes or any other income options.

This means that the site works in a simple way where teens fill up the survey and accumulate points and when they have $5 in their account they can click on the Cashout option to get the cash which will be processed in one or two weeks.

They also make payments through PayPal which is a faster and better way to receive payments.

Valued Opinions

If you are above 13 years of age you can also look out for Valued Opinions that also allow you a better chance to get better online surveys that you can use to make some income.

The site allows users to make use of the online surveys that are emailed to them and therefore teens can look out for various surveys that they qualify for and make some decent income through it.

However, when your account reaches $20 you can redeem that money for the gift card and you can make use of that gift vouchers rather than the cash incentives that are not provided by Valued Opinions.

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